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How to Create an Effective Provider Profile Page


Your provider profile page is a client’s first introduction to the research services you offer. It pays to make it a good one! Here are some tips:

  • Choose a crisp photo and crop it square before you upload it.
  • Proofread your “About Me” paragraph to catch errors in grammar and/or spelling.
  • Use keywords to summarize your research services under “Research Specialties.”
  • Take the time to add societies, repositories, and localities.
    So, once you’ve built a professional-looking profile page, what can you do to help people find it?

Some clients will browse offerings. Create at least one offering for every locality you serve.

Others will browse providers. Use the first sentence under “Research Specialities” to summarize your services. The initial 10-15 words will appear under your provider name on the locality pages.

Some people will be looking for someone to visit a specific repository. List the repositories you can visit on your profile page. If you don’t see them in our database, just ask us to add them.

And finally, some site visitors will search the site for keywords. Make sure you include relevant keywords in your “About Me” and “Research Specialties” paragraphs and in your offering titles and descriptions.

Want even more exposure? Create a new offering with a descriptive title. It will appear on the home page until other new offerings take its place. Or, click on “Discover Local Resources,” navigate to the pages for the areas you serve, and post a helpful tip in the Forum Discussions.

This post originally appeared in our November 2012 newsletter.

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