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Managing Your Inbox: Using the Genlighten Messaging System


Need to ask a provider a question? Want to send your client a quick note? Genlighten’s messaging system is the way to go. This post will explain how to use the message center to communicate through the site.

Starting a Message Thread
You can start a message thread using a simple form that asks for three things: the recipient’s user name, a message title, and a message. How do you get to that form?

  • First time sending a message to the user: go to a user’s profile page and click on the “Send Message” link.
  • Sending a message when you know the user name: click on “Messages” at the top of the screen and click on “Compose New.”
  • Sending a message to someone you’ve messaged with before: click on “Messages” at the top of the screen, click on “Contacts,” find the user name, and then click on the “Compose New” link there.

Messaging from Project Tracking Pages
You can also start a message thread using the “Conversation” box found at the bottom of every tracking page. If you do this, the message thread will take the title of the project request and it will appear on the tracking page and in your message center. This is the best way to discuss the details of a project.

Email Notification
You will receive email every time a site user sends you a message. Click the link in the email to add your reply to the message thread.

If you reply to the email instead of going back to the site to post, your note will be sent to We can forward it for you but we can’t post it in the thread and that can be confusing to the recipient.

You can opt out of email notification for messages by clicking on “Email Preferences” from your dashboard page, but we strongly suggest you leave that box checked, unless you visit the Genlighten site frequently.

Attachments to Messages
At the moment, it isn’t possible to send attachments (documents or image files) through the message center but we plan to add that capability. If you need to send a site user a file, just email it to and I’ll forward it on for you. (This doesn’t pertain to files associated with project reports. Those should be uploaded to the report page on the site.)

Deleting Message Threads
Messages can’t be deleted but they can be removed from your inbox. Click the boxes next to the threads you want to hide and then click on the “Archive” button. The threads will reappear in your inbox if a site user sends a reply and you can retrieve and view them by clicking on “Archived” in the message center navigation box.

Searching Messages
You can easily search threads (active and archived) from the message center. Just use the search box at the top of the page. (Make sure that “Messages” is selected from the drop-down search menu before you begin.)

Viewing Message from a Specific User
To view all message threads between you and a specific user, click on “Contacts” in the message center navigation box, and then click on “View Messages.”

If you have any questions about using the messaging system or if you have suggestions for ways that we can improve it, let us know! Just send a note to genlighten-support.

Genlighten Co-founder

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