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Doing Your Homework: Exploring New Repositories to Add to Your Profile Page


Genlighten offers you a chance to list the repositories that you can visit on your provider profile page. If you’re actively involved in client or personal research, it’s likely that you know some libraries and archives inside and out. Listing those is a no-brainer.

But what if you’re thinking about adding a repository that’s not as familiar? How can you decide whether or not to include it on your list?

Check Out the Repository Website
First, check to see if the repository has a website. If so, it might answer many important questions.

1) What are the hours? Do they fit with your schedule?

2) How far away is the repository? If you drive, how much will parking cost? If you take public transportation, how easy can you get there?

3) Can you make copies at the repository? Can you take digital photos? Can you use a scanner? How much do copies cost?

4) What genealogical resources are available at the repository that aren’t available on the Internet? What are the major collections of interest to distant researchers? Is there an online catalog?

Visit the Repository in Person
If it looks like it would be practical for you to visit the repository for client research, then it’s time to check it out in person. While you’re there, explore the resources, ask questions, and take notes on the records that might be of interest to potential clients. Be on the lookout for unique resources rich in genealogical information.

Add the Repository to your Profile Page
Look good? Then it’s time to add the repository on your profile page. If it’s not in our database, just email to have it entered. If you have the website URL, please include it. And, if you happen to have a photo that you’ve taken that you’d like to share, please send it along so we can include it on the repository page.

Consider Creating an Hourly Research Offering for the Repository
Also consider adding an hourly research offering for that repository. Why? Because that will allow you to mention the key resources that can be searched during a visit. Think of it as a way to educate potential clients. You might have access to records that could solve a family mystery but a researcher won’t ask for your help if they don’t realize what you can search.

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