Welcome to Genlighten!

Are you a skilled family history researcher with convenient access to nearby genealogical records? Do you enjoy helping fellow genealogists break through "brick walls?" Could you use some added income? If so, we invite you to become a "Lookup Provider" with Genlighten.com.

What does Genlighten do for you?

Genlighten offers you an easy-to-use online marketplace through which you can offer lookups to interested clients. Here's how it works:

  • You create a lookup offering that describes the records you can search, your fees for document retrieval, and the data you need from the client.
  • Clients search the site for the records they're interested in. They see your listings and order lookups from you.
  • You accept their requests, travel to the nearby repository to retrieve the documents, then upload them to the site in digital form for the client to view.
  • Your fee is transferred to your account and the client downloads their documents.

Click the link below to display our Provider "How To" Guide in pdf form.

Provider "How To" Guide