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What do the status icons mean?

Cancelled — You cancelled your request.

Contact Us — We encountered an error while processing the client’s PayPal or credit card payment. The client will not be able to view or download the documents you’ve uploaded until payment is received. The “Contact Us” alert is aimed at the client, but you may also contact us via phone at (302) 566-5871 between 8 am and 8 pm CT or email if you have questions or concerns.

Declined — The provider was unable to accept your request or provide you with a quote. Look for a message explaining why.

Delivered — Your project is complete and the provider’s report is available for you to view.

In Process — The provider is currently conducting the research you’ve requested. When the project is finished, the provider will upload a report summarizing the findings, along with digital images of any documents retrieved for you.

Payment Due — You need to submit payment for your fixed-fee request OR pay any retainer the provider requires before beginning work on your hourly research request OR you need to pay the provider’s invoice before you can view the research report prepared for you.

Payment Failed — Your payment was unsuccessful. Please contact Genlighten Support at

Pending Accept — You’ve submitted a fixed-fee request and the provider needs to review and accept it before we can accept payment.

Pending Invoice — The provider has completed your hourly research project and is currently preparing your final invoice.

Pending Quote — You’ve submitted an hourly research request and the provider needs to review it and prepare a research proposal/quote for your approval.

Quote Ready — The provider has prepared a research proposal and a quote for your review.

Quote Rejected — You rejected the provider’s quote.