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How does the Genlighten payment process work?

All payments for research done through must be made online through the secure pages on the site. A client may pay with credit card or PayPal but checks and cash are not accepted.

When a client “pays” for fixed-fee research, the payment is authorized but not captured. In other words, no money changes hands. The provider then has 28 days to complete the research, upload the report, and click on the “Charge Client” button to complete the request. The funds are captured at that point. (Some banks may show the authorization in a way that makes it appear as though the money has already left the client’s account but the funds only appear in our account after they’ve been captured.)

When a client pays an invoice for a retainer or hourly research that’s been completed, the fees are captured immediately.

When a client pays for research, the site adds a handling fee (5%), deducts a commission (10%), and credits the provider’s account with the balance.

For new providers, funds are held in escrow for seven days. If a dispute should arise, this waiting period gives clients and providers a chance to work things out before fees leave the Genlighten account. Providers who have a proven track record with excellent feedback are welcome to contact us about setting their accounts to a shorter escrow period.

Once the funds in a provider account become available, the provider can transfer them to a personal PayPal account at any time with a single click of a button.