Arkansas History Commisssion



Approximately once a month I go to the Arkansas History Commission. Please go to and check their thousands of records, books, and resources.

I will need to know the name, date, type of record, and microfilm information (if applicable). The more information you can give me, the more apt I will be able to find the record you desire! If you need help figuring out what you need, please contact me.

Your $10 will cover the first 2 records. Each additional record is $5, or less, depending on what you are requesting.

$10.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Prairie, Arkansas, United States


Ordering instructions from jackiehollow

Once you contact me, and let me know what you want, and how many documents, I’ll let you know the price. Once you’ve paid, I’ll go to the courthouse, and find the documents you’ve requested.

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