Biography + Photo = Unique Gift

Tail gunner story


Do you have a family story, unique photo, or other information about someone or something you would like to present as a gift, but don’t know how, or where to start? Perhaps I can help. Whether it’s a veteran of a past war, story from childhood or history of a location, I can create a type of Biography, and add photo(s) to create a unique one of a kind gift.

In this offer you supply the information and photo(s) I will provide the Uniqueness. The final product will be a digital file jpg, pdf, or doc (what ever is appropriate for the project). You will do the printing (can be done at most office store). This is done to assure save delivery, provide the ability of multiple printing and appropriate sizing.

With this offer you will receive up to two hours labor and save 20% from my regular charges.

To get a better idea of this project check out the webpage below to see a Veteran’s Tribute.

$40.00 fixed

Full payment upfront



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In this offer you supply the information and photo(s). Contact me and we can talk about your project.

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