Cemetery Headstone photographs



If you need a photo of an ancestor’s grave I will get it for you. I have an Olympus E-420 that works great for this. Let me know the name of the cemetery. If you have the section & or plot that would be extremely helpful, along with any other details you feel would help me in locating the gravestone. An example would be; stone is next to huge oak tree, or there is no stone only a marker.

$10.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Wells, Indiana, United States

Adams, Indiana, United States

Blackford, Indiana, United States


Ordering instructions from bgibson1978

I take 1 or 2 weekly visits to cemeteries. Rest assure that when you order from me, I will return your request within 3 days (72 hours) of receiving it.
If I’m unable to find it & can’t provide you with a photo, you owe me nothing!
That’s right, you will owe me zero cents, not even what it cost me in gas or my sanity. Risk free really.

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