Chicago Building Permits, 1872-1954



Chicago building permits are available from 1872 to 1954 and contain information about the specific address, the owner’s name, date, type of building, and the estimated costs. They also provide both the contractor’s and architect’s names. All addresses are filed under their current address and will need to be converted from the old addresses when necessary. Each building permit is a flat fee of $20 for the first, and $10 for the remaining (I will adjust the fee to reflect so in the proposal). The initial fee of $20 for the first request also covers the Chicago History Musuem’s daily entrance fee of $10 to their research center.

$20.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Chicago, Illinois

Illinois, United States

Cook County, Illinois


Chicago History Museum

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To retrieve building permits, you must provide the following necessary information: the exact address of the property in question, the name (or surname) of the property owner, and an approximate time-frame.

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