Civil War Widows' Pensions (100+ pages) [If less than 100 pages, I will reduce fee to $50.]



Pension application files – even disapproved ones – are often rich with genealogical information. You may find the soldier’s name, rank, military unit, period of service, residence, birthplace, date of birth, and age at enlistment. A widow’s file may contain her name, age, residence, maiden name, marriage date and place, and the soldier’s death date and place. A dependents’ file may give the children’s names, other heirs’ names, dates and places of their births, residences, and date of mother’s death.

Identify your soldier and widow by name, state and unit (e.g., John Smith, Sgt., Co. D, 211th Regt., Pa. Inf. Widow Jane Smith.)

I will then copy the entire file (100-200 pages) with a digital camera, and upload the files to Genlighten. Turn-around time for your request will average ten days. If a file cannot be found, I will report the sources I have searched.

$75.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


United States

Washington, DC, United States

Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States


National Archives at Washington, DC

Ordering instructions from familymatters2u

Provide the following information on any Union veteran (including loyal southerners and colored troops) with at least the following:

1. Name 2. Military unit 3. State served.

Add what you know of the following:

4. Rank(s) 5. Period of service 6. Residence when mustered in 7. Place of birth or age 8. Place of birth 9. Names of spouse (including maiden name) and children. 10. Pension application number(s) 11. Pension certificate number(s) 12. Widow’s new name if remarried.

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