Connecticut Historic Photographs



As author of HISTORIC PHOTOS OF CONNECTICUT (Turner Publishing, 2009) I have viewed thousands of photos of places, events and people taken for various publications and purposes over the first century of the camera. After the copyright expired many of these rare photos became property of the Connecticut State Library (CSL) in Hartford. While some are indexed, most are simply part of larger specialized collections found in the state archives. The existence of a photograph is often simply by chance, although images of historic buildings, unique events and popular locations were often preserved. A surprising number of photos also exist of private residences, mills, factories and “main streets” across the state. I will search through relevant collections in the CSL and provide a high resolution (600 dpi) jpeg of any photograph (If more than one image exists in a collection up to five additional images will be provided for just $2 each). Included will be a full description of any textual information that accompanied the photo (photographer, date, original owner, etc.) as well as documentation on the collection in which I found the photograph. If the only image I can locate is not of photographic quality (i.e. a newspaper or magazine clipping) price will be reduced 50%. Most images in the collection are black and white; some have faded or deteriorated over time. If I cannot locate an image I will provide a full listing of those collections searched.

$30.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Connecticut, United States


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Provide a detailed physical description of who or what are you looking for. Include any identifying information such as where he/she/it was located and the time frame. Might a photo have appeared in a local newspaper, town commemorative publication or similar unique source? (The original of many newspaper photos are in the archives. If you have such an image please provide a copy and I will attempt to locate the original. Please note if I should include additional images (up to five at $2 per image) if they exist in the same collection. Turn around time between 14-21 days. Please note that not all archival materials are stored on site often necessitating multiple trips.

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