Connecting the Dots-Virginia Genealogy



I specialize in Virginia genealogy and can offer some family history by connecting the lineage of your family through birth records, death records, land records, marriage records, tax records and census records to name a few.

$25 / Hour is for the hourly research that will be conducted to complete your families genealogy and/or to find the ‘missing pieces’ in your research. There is also an additional $6.00 fee for each picture and/or historical document returned to support the research.

Disclosure: There are several counties in Virginia that fell victim to fires that resulted in loss of records (i.e. James City County). Some documents may still exist to help piece some things together (i.e. Tax Records), but it’s quite possible that some information has been lost to time and disasters

$25.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Louisa, Virginia, United States

Albemarle, Virginia, United States

Fluvanna, Virginia, United States

New Kent, Virginia, United States

James City, Virginia, United States


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Please submit your detailed request through this site and be very specific about who you are looking for, exactly what questions you have or want answered and what the final product is that you are hoping to receive. The more detail, the better!

Your final product will be returned organized in a chart format. Pictures of records and/or actual pictures will also be uploaded through this site.

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