Dawes Roll Search



This is for hourly research within the Final Dawes Roll of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Please understand that if your ancestor did NOT live in Oklahoma Indian Territory during the time period of 1898-1914, they will NOT be on the Dawes Roll! It doesn’t matter if you have found a similar name on the index, if they did not live in Oklahoma at some point during those years, they will NOT be on the Dawes.

Many times, I have had clients swear that their ancestor is Native American because they have found someone with the same name listed in the Dawes Index. You cannot base that kind of claim strictly on just finding someone with the same name. You must explore deeper and read the Dawes Packet information to determine if it is the same person in your genealogy. This is what I can accomplish for you!

This offering is not to try to find a Native American history for you, it is only to look up specific individuals that you believe are on the Dawes Roll.

$15.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion



Ordering instructions from jessicamcmanus66

When you order this research, you must provide me with the information pertaining to the entire family of the person you believe to be on the Dawes roll. (Spouse, children, Parents)

I would also need to know why you think your ancestor is Native American and why you believe them to be on the Dawes Roll. This would include providing the location where they lived in order to determine if they lived within the Indian territory.

Please be aware of the fact that you will be paying for my time spent doing the Dawes Research and not the outcome. You will be required to pay regardless of results. So please be certain that your ancestor meets the qualifications to possibly be listed on the Dawes.

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