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This project includes research along one line of one side of family name (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, so on) – Choose between father or mother’s side of family (paternal or maternal ancestry).

(depending on availability of records)
Time Period: Circa 1750-1800 to present day
10 or more individuals, 5 or more families
2 weeks completion time plus continued support
5-6 Generations
Family Group Sheets
Descendant Reports
Copies of original records and photos
Digital Copy on DVD of all Documentation
Project Binder

Products in the binder will include the below items when available…
• Copies of photographs of ancestors, grave sites, homesteads, township and county maps
• U.S. and state census (1700s-1940)
• State Vital Records (birth, marriage, and death records)
• U.S. Social Security Administration records
• Property deeds, family wills and probate records 1700’s-Presents (when available)
• Various LDS Family History Library records
• Cemetery and burial records
• Narrative of family history uncovered
• Military records (U.S. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam)
• Immigration and naturalization records and ships’ passenger lists
• Surname Index Report, Marriage Index Report,
• Birthday and Anniversary Index Report
• Family Time Line Report
• Descendant List
• Source and Statistic Report
• Genealogy Software for continued research * Addtional charges may apply

$80.00 fixed

Full payment upfront



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To start this project is simple! Tell me the parent you want me to trace and off we go!

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