Erie County Deeds



I will search in the Erie County Hall’s basement records room for one address, and follow the chain of ownership as far back as possible. I will provide an extract (a transcript in which all the boilerplate elements are replaced by ellipses points) and a photograph of each deed book page, if a photograph is possible. No photocopies can be made of deed books.

In some cases, chain of ownership is listed where the deed refers to previous deeds; others do not include this. Hence, my pricing is flexible, and the listed price is the upper limit, for an example case in which I can follow the chain back many steps. If you prefer only a few steps, and can pinpoint a deed book in which I should start, the price would be dramatically lowered. Also, if you seek only recent (1980’s-present) deed information, that is much more easily accessible, and costs are much lower.

All information and photographs found will be conveyed electronically through Genlighten.

$375.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


New York, United States

Erie, New York, United States


Ordering instructions from oldtimeroots

Please list the exact address as you know it to be searched. I will seek the information and reply with the details of how far back I can go. At that point, we can work out a final price. Thank you!

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