Genealogy related projects of any kind.



Ancestral Journeys provides several services in the genealogy and family history fields, including full research projects. Together, we can conduct your project in many different ways, and Ancestral Journeys will always consider alternate options; please contact us to discuss your specific needs that may be beyond the scope of our standard packages.

Research projects generally require a eight hour minimum payment up front to begin the process ($20.00/hour, total of $200.00). The initial eight hour block will include the following: Review of any available research previously conducted; development of a research plan; evidence collection and analysis; list of possible “next best steps”, which we can be investigated as we continue the project; detailed and concise research summary.

Once the initial eight hours have been exhausted, clients can choose to pay for additional eight hour segments, or negotiate a different payment method.

$30.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


Colorado, United States


Ordering instructions from ancestraljourneys

Please contact me if you have questions regarding our ordering process. We will establish a firm goal and determine your preferred reporting style before research begins.

Any travel required will be discussed with the client in advance, and all travel costs are the responsibility of the client, after written approval has been obtained.

Copy costs will be the responsibility of the client.

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