German Church Registers - Per Hour



German church registers can date well into the 1500’s, providing a wealth of genealogical information waiting to be found. Most registers from German parishes contain baptisms, marriages and deaths/burial, but some also contain additional information, such as confirmations and christenings, conversions, and family books (consolidated family histories within parishes).

My rate is for hourly research of documents/individuals that you request for. A retainer fee may be necessary to help cover initial costs to begin research.

$35.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion




Ordering instructions from nickmgombash

Please include the full name of your ancestor(s) and their family you wish to have searched. Also include their birth-dates (or estimated birth-dates) and place of birth. If you have dates of marriage and death, including where these events occurred, please include them. The more information you provide me with, the quicker I can find your family’s information.

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