Lower White River Museum in Des Arc, AR



Some of the items that are available at the museum are:

Tax records (microfilm)
Cemetery records
Obituary abstracts
White River Journal to August 14, 1938
Vertical Files

They also have several books on Des Arc, Prairie County, and surrounding counties. I’m happy to look and see if they have a book you are interested in. Eventually I’ll have a bit of a card catalog up listing their books.

I will need to know the name of the person you are requesting information for, the date, and the information you want me to search through.

If you have more than one document/record you are requesting from the museum, each additional record is $3.00. Other discounts may be available depending on what you are asking for.

$5.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Prairie, Arkansas, United States


Lowe White River Museum

Ordering instructions from jackiehollow

Once you contact me, and let me know what you want, and how many documents, I’ll let you know the price. Once you’ve paid, I’ll go to the museum, and find the documents you’ve requested.

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