Marriage certificate transcription (includes also marriage license transcription if one exists)



Transcription of either one or both New York marriage documents, depending on what exists. There are two sets of marriage records in NYC for the period 1908-1937. The data in each possible record are similar but not always the same.

Health Department records: Depending on the borough, 1847 – 1937.

City Clerk’s records: The City Clerk’s marriage license records, 1908-1929, are available ONLY at the NYC Municipal Archives. Records for 1930 to the present must be obtained from the City Clerk, but there are indexes I have access to for 1930 and later records.

Note that the City Clerk’s records often have better information than the Health Department’s records, especially for second marriages. These indexes can only be searched at the Municipal Archives in person.The Municipal Archives staff will not search these indexes and these marriage certificates cannot be ordered by mail from the Municipal Archives.

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New York, New York


New York City Municipal Archives

New York City City Hall

Brooklyn Public Library

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Please provide as much information as possible. In the case of Health Department records, please provide the certificate number if it is known.

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