Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York - Gravestone Photos



Location search and digital photo of gravestone (and any others buried in same lot, up to six digital photos, if desired) included.

“Not Found” Price for search without results and/or unmarked or missing graves. If you would like digital photos of unmarked burial space, “Found” Price will be charged.

$12.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Monroe County, New York

Monroe County, New York


Ordering instructions from upstatenyhistory

Please specify the name of the deceased, as well as any available birth/death dates. If you would like to receive digital photos of headstones located in the same lot, please be sure to specify. If you would like digital photos taken from a distance at the same visit, please let me know. No additional charge for up to six, same lot digital photos if requested at the time of initial request.

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