Muskegon, MI obituary or death mention when you don't know the exact date of death



Obituaries or death notices (may be just a small news item saying so-and-so died yesterday) are not indexed for early Muskegon County newspapers. Therefore, this is a research search, not a lookup. I will search one surname for obituaries containing the surname for years 1880-1922. The search engine will bring up only one name, so all articles for that one surname must be individually opened and looked at in order to see if it is your ancestor’s first name. I will provide a digital copy of obituary or mention of death, if found, with source citation. The early years do not contain many personal names.

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Muskegon, Michigan, United States

Muskegon, Michigan, United States


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Please provide APPROXIMATE DATE OF DEATH, PLACE OF DEATH, and FIRST AND LAST NAME of the person you want searched in Muskegon, Michigan newspapers 1880-1922. For FEMALES, also tell NAME OF PERSON’S HUSBAND, since many times women are called “Mrs. Harm Goodman”, for example, instead of being called by her own name, “Elizabeth Goodman.” Give NAME OF SPOUSE AND CHILDREN, in order to distinguish between two or more people with the same name.

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