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Lookup at the Oakland Public Library (including the Oakland History Room) in Alameda County, California. Search for birth, marriage, or obituary/death notice in the Oakland Tribune (Oakland, Alameda County, California), originals or on microfilm. Various other newspapers are also held at the location as well as original birth records from Oakland prior to incorporation. Please see the library’s catalog for more info about the libraries holdings.

This offering is meant as a one time lookup/retrieval of a document that is known to be at the library. If it is not found, I will continue to look for it for up to one hour. This is not open ended research.

$30.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Alameda, California, United States


Oakland Public Library

Ordering instructions from kimcotton

Provide as much information as you can about what you’d like me to search: Call Numbers, page number, Title of book, article or other publication, Names, Dates you are wanting. Any info will help. If the publication doesn’t have a name index, and you do not provide a page number, I will continue to search for up to one hour.
If you want a “Not Found” discount, you must provide all info including call# and page#, and specify that you do not want me to continue searching if the name is not on that page or the book is not on the shelf. In that case, the “Not Found” price will be $20 rather than $30. If you ask for this, and I determine your initial request does not have specific enough information for me to go into the library and find the item directly, I will let you know before accepting the job.
Thank you!

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