Oklahoma Death Certificates



Oklahoma does not have a public index for vital records. If you need an Oklahoma death certificate quickly, I will go to Vital Records to do a search for you. You should provide the information described at http://www.ok.gov/health/Birth_and_Death_Certificates/Death_Certificates/index.html. The cost for the search is $15.00, whether there are results or not. If no certificate is found, the State Department of Health issues a letter for another search without cost within 6 months IF additional information is found. You should understand, as is noted on the State Department of Health’s webpage, that compliance with the filing of vital records was not consistent until the mid 1930s. If you want to request a death certificate for an earlier date, just remember that Oklahoma is a relatively young state and early records are not all that plentiful.

$25.00 fixed

Full payment upfront



Oklahoma, United States


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You must provide the full name of the individual at the time of death, the date and place (city or county) of death, and the name of funeral home if available. It would be helpful to me for this search if you can also provide information about where the person is buried —even an educated estimate can be helpful. I will complete the form under my name and furnish my own id. You can view the form at the website below.

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