Oklahoma Land Run(s) and Other Openings



Did you ancestor come to Oklahoma to try for some of the land opened up by the Homestead Act? There were more land openings than just the “Land Run of 1889.” I can look up by name and provide you with a photocopy of the index as well as the tract book where they entered their land. The tract books are microfilmed from the originals, so the quality of the documents vary (think handwriting on the census records). The index provides the name, county where the land was located, the year of the filing, and the legal description. The tract book entry will provide the Final Certificate number (FC) if they “proved up” on their land—it may also record the date the land was abandoned or relinquished.

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Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Oklahoma, United States


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I will need the entire name of your ancestor. You do not have to provide the year they came to Oklahoma, but keep in mind these records are for persons who participated in one of the land openings between 1889 through 1906. If you know where they settled, feel free to include that.

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