Paulding County, Georgia: Cemetery Photos-Marriage Records-Wills-Obits-Probate-Etc.



Will take photos of any or all of the above $30.00 flat fee for Gas, Time, Search and Photos. If nothing is found, it could be because they did not live or die in Paulding County.

Searching can take up to 2 days as some books are not indexed and it takes time to go through these old old books and Microfilm. The legibility isn’t the best as the ink is fading and the writing is at times in Old English.

I will search everything for anything, including Gun Toters, Ticket Books, Minutes, Wills, Newspapers, Marriages, Death Index, Family sheets, Wills, Obits etc. Requires me to go to Library, cemetery and court house. As I am looking for your person, I will photo others with the same surname as I come to them before I hit on yours, but once I have found your person, I will go on to another book and do the same. So you will get others with the same surname that may be of help to you, maybe not right now but down the line as you fill in your tree.

Will consider other counties.****

$30.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Paulding, Georgia, United States

Paulding, Georgia, United States


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Please give me as much info as you can in who it is you wish for me to look up. Here in the South names were used over and over and it can’t be hard to pick and choose just by name only. I have been researching 7 years. If anything is here in Paulding, I will find it!

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