Pre-WWI Regular Military Service Record Search



Will conduct search of one individual’s Regular Military Service Record at National Archives for the following:

Regular Army, Enlisted personnel, 1789 – October 31, 1912
Regular Army, Officers, 1789 – June 30, 1917
Navy, Enlisted personnel, 1798 – 1885
Navy, Officers, 1798 – 1902
Marine Corps, Enlisted personnel, 1798 – 1904
Marine Corps, Some officers, 1798 – 1895
Coast Guard, Persons who served in predecessor agencies to the U.S. Coast Guard: the Revenue Cutter Service (Revenue Marine), the Life-Saving Service, and the Lighthouse Service, 1791 – 1919

Data in these registers was compiled from a variety of other military records, including enlistment papers, muster rolls, and unit records. Information listed on these records includes:

- Name of enlistee
- Age at time of enlistment
- Birthplace
- Date of enlistment
- Enlistment place
- Occupation
- Physical description (eye color, hair color, complexion, and height)
- Rank, company, and regiment
- Date and cause of discharge
- Remarks

These records are searched on an hourly basis due to their complexity. Regular military returns and rosters are arranged chronologically and alphabeticcaly rather than by unit. Moreover, these are difficult to read because they were originally written on large sheets of paper but copied down to about 11 × 14, requiring a magnifying glass to read.

Will provide both electronic and hard copy with full citation.

$35.00 /hour + expenses

Retainer upfront; Balance due on completion


United States


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Minimum of one hour research retainer required. Must provide individual’s name, where he resided before joining the military, unit and branch of service, approximate date of enlistment, and whether he was Enlisted or an Officer.

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