Pre-WWI Volunteer Compiled Military Service Record Search

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Will conduct search of one individual’s volunteer Compiled Military Service Record (CMSR) at National Archives for the following wars:

- Continental Line soldiers in the Revolutionary War;
- Volunteer soldiers from State units during the early Indian Wars;
- War of 1812;
- Mexican War;
- Civil War (Confederate and Union);
- Spanish American War and;
- The Philippine Insurrection.

CMSR files are typically carded records, abstracted from the multi-name original wartime documents, with some original single-name contemporaneous documents included when available. There is no guarantee or minimum expectation of what may be in a CMSR file. It could be as brief as one document relating to an individual soldier or voluminous as hundreds of documents specific to one person consolidated in a single jacket-envelope.

This is for a volunteer Unit search only. If your ancestor served in the Regular Army, Navy or Marines, you must select the “Pre-WWI Regular Compiled Military Service Record Search” option.

Will provide both electronic and hard copy with full citation.

$35.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


United States


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This $35 fee covers one search for one specific individual in one specific unit and one individual War. Must provide individual’s name, volunteer unit and company, and State. Individuals often served in more than one unit and sometimes in many Wars. If this is the case, I will notify you of any additional units and you can place an additional search order, if desired. Payment is required in advance of the search.

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