Research plan for your brick wall in the Netherlands



Do you need help breaking through a brick wall with your ancestors from the Netherlands? Yvette Hoitink can create a research plan for you that will offer you the best chance of success in tearing that wall down.

The research plan will describe in detail which records or other sources can be consulted to solve your problem. It will also describe the repositories where these records can be found. If these records are available online, the research plan will indicate so, including links to the website.

You will receive the research plan in PDF format by e-mail. If you prefer a hardcopy, additional costs of $10 apply.

$100.00 fixed

Full payment upfront




Ordering instructions from dutchgen

To order a research plan, please provide all the information that you already have: names, dates, places and the sources where you found that information. Don’t stop with your brick wall, also include information about his immediate family and other associates that you may know of. The more information you provide, the more effective the research plan will be.

Also describe in detail what questions you would like to have answered: are you looking for the names of the parents, a birth date or would you like to know if your ancestor owned any property?

Please note:
This product does not include the actual research. If you want, Yvette can give you a quote for doing the research after the plan is finished.

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