Saskatchewan Cemetery Records



I will consult the Burial Index and Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) Cemetery Records in order to locate and provide burial information. This information usually includes the full name of the person and at least the year of death. However, it often also includes the actual date of death/burial, date of birth, names of other family members (i.e., spouse, parents), and in some cases, the location of the grave within the cemetery. The fee charged is for a search of cemeteries within one municipality for a single burial record in the cemetery records at the SGS.

$12.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saskatchewan, Canada


Ordering instructions from celeste-d-r

Please include the following information when requesting a cemetery search: – name of the person (given name and surname; if a woman, also provide her birth name/maiden name) – place of death or last known place of residence in Saskatchewan – if known, year of death would be helpful, especially in the case where the name being searched is a common name.

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