Saskatchewan Newspapers - Births, Marriages, Obituaries/Death Notices



I will search Saskatchewan newspapers on microfilm at the Saskatchewan Archives. It is important to note that some editions of various newspapers have not survived and are therefore, not available for research. I will advise about the availability of newspapers for the specific area upon receipt of your research request. It is also important to realize that birth, marriage and obituary/death announcements were not always put in the newspapers by families, so there is a chance that even though a newspaper may exist, an item for a specific person may not have been published in the local paper. Another point to keep in mind is that although an item may be found, it may not be possible to obtain a copy of the item if the microfilm is of very poor quality and cannot be reproduced. In this case, if the item can be read, a transcription will be provided to the client.

$15.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saskatchewan, Canada


Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina Office

Saskatchewan Legislative Library

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Please include the following information when requesting an newspaper search:
- name of the person (given name and surname)
- date of birth, marriage or death (at least a month and year)
- place of birth, marriage or death or last known place of residence in Saskatchewan

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