Search of Basic Saskatchewan Records



I wll search the following basic Saskatchewan Records for an individual or married couple and provide a detailed report along with copies of any supporting documents located as a result of the search:

1. Homestead files
2. SGS Obituary Files
3. SGS Cemetery Files
4. Community History(ies)
5. Newspaper Index if available for area and timeframe
6. Saskatchewan Residents Index (SRI)
7. Census Records (1891 to 1916)
8. Directories
9. Cummins Maps
10. Newspapers (if the date – at least the month and year – of an event such as a birth, marriage or death is provided or found as a result of the search)

This type of search requires at least two months to complete due to the location and number of records to be searched. It is not possible to do this type of search in less time than this.

$100.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saskatchewan, Canada


Ordering instructions from celeste-d-r

Please provide the name of the individual or couple (husband and wife) you would like to have searched along with the names of children, if known. Also provide the location in Saskatchewan where they lived if known and the timeframe or any specific dates of events such as births, marriages, deaths etc., you may be able to provide.

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