St. Louis Cemetery Record



I will search St. Louis City cemetery records for any person you request during any time period you request.
Turn around time: usually 1-4 weeks.

About these records: I will furnish you with as much information as possible: Name of cemetery; location in cemetery; digital photo of grave site, etc.

Research cost is $10.00.

$10.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Saint Louis City, Missouri, United States


Ordering instructions from daveinstlouis

Information you need to provide, if known:
Name of individual (first, middle, last)
Actual or approximate date of birth and death.
Location of birth and death (street address, hospital name; etc.)
Cemetery where buried.
Name of church affiliated with, if any.
Any other information that may help (baptism date; death date; church attended; etc.)

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