I can obtain and upload the research results by the 3rd business day after the Genlighten request. My resource for post-1947 IL death certificates is the IL Dept of Public Health (IDPH), Main repository office, here in Springfield IL, where I live & research. Since 2008, IDPH staff (by mandate) search only 2 “possibles”; the resulting document sent to requestor was the “best” of the TWO they searched. ANYBODY can resubmit for another search (of 2 more records), IF and only IF the resubmittal was within 3 months from original search. When I receive (in-person pickup, 2-3 days after request), any cert that does NOT match my/your request data, I resubmit immediately, while still at IDPH office. I resubmit as often as need be – (which often turns out to be every 3 days – the IDPH current turnaround time for results – maybe).
(I am the current “record-holder” for IDPH resubmittals = 11 times = but the 11th time was successful (Who KNEW that my client’s Anna Johnson b. Sweden 1846 would live to be 106 yrs old, dying just outside of Cook Co IL? I “felt” that she wanted to be found…. but IDPH staffers were limited/restricted; it took me 17 trips to & from IDPH office, bearing candies & home-baked brownies — to find her). I will make the VERY SAME effort for YOUR request. I have NO problem tilting at windmills (or irritating gov’t employees), if that’s all it takes to find the RIGHT death certificate from IDPH.

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Illinois, United States


Illinois Department of Public Health

Ordering instructions from mollykennedy

Please provide as much info that you know to be TRUE! These bits of info include: (1) Possible surname (or given name) spelling variations; (2) If you have an obit, please share that info with me! I’d rather have too much info than not enough!) IF the first IDPH resulting document was wrong, or Not Found" – I WILL need more info from you, to “plead my case” for additional research by IDPH staffers.

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