Stillbirth 1916-1947 in Illinois (NOT Chicago), 1916-1942 and 1946-1947



Offer includes Illinois stillbirth cert search for years spanning 1916 through 1942, and 1946-1947.

1943-1945 – stillbirth certs issued “downstate” (anywhere in IL except city of Chicago) for the years 1943 through 1945 (WWII years) – are not complete.

$9.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Illinois, United States

Springfield, Illinois


Illinois State Archives

Ordering instructions from mollykennedy

Please provide the year and month (if known/calculated) – and locale (county/city) in which the stillbirth probably occurred.

[NOTE: Before requesting a Stillbirth cert – - PLEASE check the family’s surname, at

The infant who was recorded in family stories as a Stillbirth – - might actually have been an infant mortality. (live birth but died within minutes/hours)]

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