The History and Genealogy of the Utterback Family



Will perform one look-up in the book “The History and Genealogy of the Utterback Family in America 1622-1937” by William L Utterback. This book contains information on well over 1,000 Utterbacks, decedents of Herman Otterbach from Germany. It traces many branches of the Utterback family, including the original Germantown, VA settlers, and onto Ohio and other areas of the countries. Please note: while an excellent source to help you get past a brick wall, or start searching in a new area of the country, I have found many mistakes within my own line from this book, but again, gave me the overall right direction to look to. As a secondary source, it can provide valuable insight, but is meant to be used as a secondary source.

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Virginia, United States

Virginia, United States


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Please provide the name of the individual Utterback family member, and any additional information you have, vital dates (birth, marriage, death), parent’s and sibling names, and place of residence. This book contains well over 1,000 Utterbacks, please be as precise as possible.

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