Tipton County, Indiana Marriages



I am willing to search either at the Indiana State Library or at the county level for marriage records. Some records are not available due to records having been lost or destroyed, or not legible. Early marriage records often are simply a marriage certificate.

$20.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Tipton, Indiana, United States

Tipton, Indiana, United States


Ordering instructions from cooperka

Please provide as much data about your request tht you can provide so that I do not waste your money looking into the wrong person or family. 1) Full names and parents’s names 2) Birthdate and location of birth 3) County where both spouses lived and where they were married along with date of marriage. Was this their first marriage? Please provide any index number, certificate number, book and page number you might have obtained from an on-line source. $20.00 for first request, $10.00 for additional requests in same order.

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