West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia Volume 1- 25



History of West Virginia Counties and biographies of families that lived there.

Contents: v. 1-8. Hardesty’s West Virginia counties.—v. 9. The soldiery of West Virginia.—v. 10-11. Historical Records Survey. West Virginia. West Virginia, a guide to the mountain state.—v. 12-13. McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil, The border settlers of north- western Virginia from 1768 to 1795…—v. 14. Commonplace book.— v. 15. A Forrest Hull sampler.—v. 16. Shirley Donnelly sampler.— v. 17. Kercheval, Samuel. A history of the valley of Virginia.— v. 18. Lewis, Virgil A. History and government of West Virginia.— v. 19. Stories and verse of West Virginia.—v. 20. Strother, David Hunter. Porte Crayon sampler.—v. 21. Summers, George W. Pages from the past…v. 22. Carpenter, Charles. West Virginia people and places.—v. 23. West Virginia songbag.—v. 24. Stories and verse of West Virginia, II.—v. 25. West Virginia women.

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West Virginia, United States

West Virginia, United States


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