Wills and Probates in Erie County



I will search the records of the Surrogate’s Court of Erie County for wills and probates for one name and a maximum range of five years. I will obtain the records, if available, make photocopies of all pages you request, and then scan them in for upload via Genlighten.com. The “document found” fee below does not include the cost of copies, which can vary greatly in quantity depending on the complexity of the will. Each page copied will incur a $0.25 fee, even though you will be receiving the document electronically. I can also mail the copies to you at cost.

$60.00 fixed

Full payment upfront


Weld, Colorado, United States

Erie, New York, United States


Ordering instructions from oldtimeroots

Please give me the full name (or as much of it as you know), and the estimated death and/or filing date for the will or probate. I will only search a 5-year range per name. Remember, I will have to photocopy each page of the will so it can then be scanned in. Each page costs $0.25, and this is in addition to the “Document found” fee listed above. Thank you!

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