Help, Support and FAQ: Checkout Process

Wondering what steps we take to process your payment securely? Like to know what our processing charge covers? We answer some common questions about our checkout process below.

How does your payment process work, step by step?

  • After you checkout, we apply an "authorization" to your card or PayPal account for the full amount of your order. This isn't an actual charge, just a way of verifying that your card/account is valid and that the needed funds are available.
  • If you cancel your request before the provider begins work or the provider declines your request, the authorization on your card/account is voided and you will not be charged.
  • Once the provider successfully uploads the document you ordered to the site, your card/account is charged the "Document Found" fee plus our processing charge. If your original order included multiple lookups, you'll be charged individually for them, one by one, as the respective providers complete them.
  • If the provider does not find the document you ordered, they will upload a "Not Found Report" to the site. Once they do this, your card/account is charged the "Not Found" fee plus our (typically reduced) processing charge.
  • We hold the providers' fees in escrow for a brief period (currently one week) after completion of the lookup. If you are not satisfied with the provider's performance, you should first attempt to address your concern directly with them. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can contact Genlighten support via e-mail or phone and we'll try to help if we can.

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Why do I have to re-enter my payment information again each time I place an order?

To protect your privacy and security, and to comply with industry-established payment-processing standards, we do not store your credit card or PayPal information on our site. We are currently investigating third-party providers that offer a secure remote vault system; this would allow us to "remember" your payment details without storing them on our servers. Please check our blog or our newsletter for updates on our progress in this regard.

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Why is there a processing charge associated separately with each lookup?

When you order multiple lookups, even if they're all from the same provider, it's likely that they will be completed gradually at different times (perhaps even on different days). Accordingly, our payment process triggers payment for each lookup as the respective document is uploaded. Because we're assessed separate payment-processing fees for each transaction, we associate our processing charges separately with each lookup.

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Is there anything I can do to reduce the processing charge?

As the volume of requests we receive rises, the payment-processing fees we're charged should decrease, and we'll be able to pass those savings on to you. Additionally as our transaction volume increases, we plan to eventually let our providers pay for lookup requests from their own provider account on the site. Since we won't pay fees on those transactions, we should be able to eliminate our processing charges in such cases. Basically, as you help the site grow, you'll be helping reduce or even eliminate the processing charges.

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Will I be charged at checkout, or not until the lookup is completed?

We place an "authorization" on your credit card or PayPal account at checkout, but we don't actually "capture" the charge until the provider uploads your document(s).

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Can I cancel a lookup request if I change my mind?

Yes. You can cancel a lookup as long as the status displayed for it on the "Track Status" page is "Submitted". To cancel, simply click on the lookup title from the "Track Status" page to be taken to the "Status Detail" page for the lookup in question. Then click on the "Cancel" button on the lower-left area of the page.

In this situation, neither the provider’s fee for the lookup nor our processing charge will be billed to your credit card or PayPal account.

Once the provider begins work on the lookup (as indicated by the status changing from "Submitted" to "In-Process") you may no longer initiate a request for a refund of the provider’s fee by clicking "Cancel".

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Do you offer a "money-back guarantee" on the lookups I order?

Genlighten does not offer such a guarantee, no. However, in most cases our providers will charge a reduced fee (their "Not Found" fee) if they are unable to find the record you requested after a thorough search.

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Can I pay for my lookups by check instead of with a credit card or PayPal?

At this time, PayPal and credit card are the only payment-processing methods we support. If demand merits, we may also offer "electronic check" as a third payment method. If this option would be of interest to you, please let us know by e-mailing us at support(at)genlighten(dot)com.

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