Help, Support and FAQ: Answering Client-Submitted Questions

Eager to be responsive to questions from your clients but unsure of how to answer them? Wondering how to generate or edit an FAQ on your lookup detail page? Need to report an abusive message? We discuss questions providers have about our "Ask the Provider a Question" feature below.

When should I consider ignoring a client's question on one of my lookups?

We view the "ask the provider a question" feature as an important way for you to build trust with potential clients as they consider whether to request a lookup from you. Accordingly, we would encourage you to respond promptly to questions which specifically address the lookup you offer. If a question seeks free advice, you can politely decline to give a detailed response, perhaps suggesting a helpful resource for the questioner to pursue. Feel free to "ignore" abusive comments, "spam", or any question that makes you uncomfortable. Please report such incidents promptly to support(at)genlighten(dot)com.

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How detailed and thorough should my answers to client questions be?

The majority of questions you receive should be focused on a particular lookup offering and should not require more than a few brief sentences to answer. If you receive a more detailed and involved question, feel free to direct the questioner to relevant online resources rather than provide a lengthy answer yourself. If you consistently receive similar questions about a particular lookup, consider creating a QandA entry by submitting a question to yourself and then answering it publicly.

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When should I make a question/answer public and when should I not?

We would recommend that you only make a question/answer exchange public when you have the questioner's explicit permission to do so. If you feel that a particular question, paired with your response, would be helpful to other clients, consider paraphrasing the question and posting it yourself along with your carefully-crafted answer.

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Is it appropriate for me to create an "FAQ" for a question I haven't received yet?

We think that's a great way to use the "ask the provider a question" feature, yes.

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I received a "question" that I find inappropriate. How can I report this to you?

Email us at support(at)genlighten(dot)com or call us at (302) 566-5871. Please save a copy of the abusive message if possible.

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Is there a way I can easily send a personal message to another Genlighten user?

We're currently developing a simple internal messaging system that will allow for convenient communication between registered Genlighten users without the need to leave the site. In the meantime, you can use the "post a message" feature on the user's profile page to share occasional brief notes with them.

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