Offer Genealogy Research Services Through Genlighten

Genlighten is an online marketplace for genealogy research services. We connect genealogists looking for ancestors, documents, and answers with independent researchers who can find them.

Get Started!

  • Sign up for free. To offer research services on Genlighten, you'll need to register as a provider. You'll also need a free PayPal account so we can transmit clients' payments to you.
  • Decide what research services to offer. Check out the repositories in your area that have genealogically-relevant records. Figure out how often you can visit them, what costs you'll incur (copying, parking) and how much you'll need to charge to make the trip profitable.
  • Post your offerings. Create listings that describe the kinds of research projects you want to perform for clients. Sets fees and state your policies for each. When you complete a client's project, we'll transfer their payment to you. We keep a 10% commission on each transaction.

How Genlighten Works

Clients come to Genlighten looking for help with their genealogy research.

They browse our providers and select you to tackle their project.

You perform research using local repositories or online sources.

You prepare a report and deliver it to the client in digital form.

When you register to become a Genlighten provider, we'll supply you with an easy-to-use online store. You create a profile, decide what services and products to offer and set your own fees. You can also choose to quote on custom requests that clients submit directly to you.

Why Become a Genlighten Research Provider?

  • No need for HTML. Setting up your store is simple - you'll be up and running in minutes. You can also customize your store to reflect your unique strengths and business preferences.
  • Supportive Community. When you become one of our providers, you're joining a helpful community of entrepreneurial researchers. You can message other providers, share marketing ideas at local meetups or take part in an online workshop to get help attracting more clients.
  • Informed Clients. Most Genlighten customers aren't looking to hand the whole research process off to you and get it back wrapped in a bow. Instead, they're seeking a skilled partner to help with an ongoing effort in which they're actively involved. This makes for a more satisfying and fun experience for both of you.
  • Online Safety. Genlighten values your safety and privacy. We won't share your e-mail or contact info with anyone. All sensitive data, such as billing details, is encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. For more info, please consult our privacy policy.


What Our Providers Are Saying

Me As a provider for Genlighten I have had the wonderful opportunity to help others make discoveries and tear down brick walls in their genealogy research.-- Melissa Barker, Professional Genealogist for Tennessee and Kentucky
Pegcscanned-08 Genlighten took my love of family history to new heights by helping to make my dream of becoming a freelance genealogist a reality.
Img_4646 It's been a pleasure to provide help for folks who had ancestors out here in Oklahoma ... by retrieving death certificates, court records, and newspaper articles. Debra Osborne Spindle, PhD, MLIS