ctsmithson's Genealogy Research Store

ctsmithson's Store Policies


Dear Researcher, I have stated in my store policies what I require before conducting research on your behalf. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Record Found - If the record is found the full payment is due for the record requested. Record Not Found - If the record is not found a fee is still charged but at a discounted rate. Retainer - A retainer is required for hourly work. 50% is require


There are some researchers who like a detailed report of what was found and what was not found and what records were checked. There are other researchers who just want copies of records with no reports needed. Please state what you would like.

Additional Policies

If you have conducted previous research either by yourself or had someone else do the research on your behalf on the subject you are looking to hire myself to do further research. I ask to obtain copies of that research if it is available. This saves ti