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dawnie's Store Policies


I am NOT a genealogist. I will do whatever I can to help you, but please don't expect me to give expert advice. I used to volunteer for a website called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (now defunct), and through that experience I am familiar with Irish repositories.


I don't charge for travel time, or report-writing time. If I fail to find what I'm looking for, I will offer a discount, based on the amount of time/effort I spent in the search. I would appreciate a $15 retainer for any requested trips to Dublin, to cover my bus fare.


I will report back as soon as possible, via email. I can scan documents and send them as email attachments. If original documents are mailed, I need reimbursement for postage.

Additional Policies

I offer an informal service with the goal of helping people learn about their Irish ancestors. I know the frustration of trying to locate information without being "on site" and I will help you as much as possible.