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Each project starts with your wishes: what do you know, how do you know it and what would you like to know next? Based on your information, Yvette will create a research plan that will indicate what the first phase of the research should be. This plan includes suggestions for the first archives to visit and the records which will be consulted. An estimate will be given for the work, including the maximum number of hours that will be spent on the first phase.


Once you authorize to spend a maximum number of hours, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit and Yvette will start the research. At the end of the phase, you will receive a report with an explanation of the findings and you will be billed based on actual hours spent. If there is a balance on the deposit, that may be used towards to next phase.


All reports are delivered via e-mail. This will include any scans or digital photographs of original documents that have been consulted.

Additional Policies

Research time includes record retrieval, analysis and reporting as well as travel and telephone, Skype or e-mail consultations with the client. Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged. Travel expenses within the Netherlands (gas, train tickets, parking) are included in the research rate; costs for photocopies, shipping, international phone calls, microfilm rental, pay-per-view websites and other incidental expenses are not.