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Hourly rates are charged according to project assignment. Fees consist of retainer, hourly rate plus expenses (copies, parking, etc.) And for trips outside of McLean County, meals, accommodations and mileage at $0.60 per mile. If overnight travel is necessary, charges will include the mileage, actual cost of room, plus other charges for travel, research and expenses. Hourly fee includes organization of a professionally prepared client report. This report will contain a list of repositories searched, results obtained, copies of documents and suggestions for future research strategies with estimated costs for such research. Large projects welcomed Smaller requests performed quickly and efficiently


Services: The genealogy research services shall include reviewing information provided by the client, a formulation of work plan, genealogical research, evidence analysis, document evaluations and a written report. The report shall include unsuccessful searches and state research recommendations for the client. The genealogist will also make copies, transcriptions, and abstracts of documents.

Additional Policies