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roots4all's Store Policies


This is to help make sure that we're all on the same page from the outset. Let's make sure that everyone is fair and doing what's expected.


I accept money orders, personal checks, and PayPal. However GenLighten deems fit payment methods is fine by me. Intake sessions are typically for four hours, and are charged at a rate of $30/hour non-refundable fee for intake. Following initial intake, there is possibility of pre-paying an amount for services, or payment for a set quantity of hours to be determined prior to start of continued work with payment to follow. Per hour charge does not include the cost of documents, meaning if there are charges for any particular document, copies, postage, etc. those costs are passed along to the client directly. Government standard of 50 cents per mile when driving or cost of transportation if using public transit is also passed along directly to client. There is no refund on hours spent in trying to find a document if the document is not at a particular requested repository for a research request. While all due diligence will be performed, there is no guarantee that any given document will be at a particular institution, or that the institution has kept track of all their records with precision. Report writing time is part of billable hours,and is typically performed in part simultaneously while conducting research.


Reports, invoices, and similar products are to be sent to the client either via email delivery or via post or shipping if preferred. Documents will be sent via PDF unless requested otherwise. If needed, document images may be rotated, cropped, zoomed, or otherwise focused or highlighted to allow for easier reading of an image if needed. Time for document correcting is included as part of billable hours for research report writing. Most contracts should be fulfilled within two week's time unless other arrangements are made. Clients should expect a professional research report letter including starting point information, research performed, results or record of findings, all sources searched that are relevant to the report, time card of hours spent made on a per day or subject basis, and gedcom file for client use. There is the possibility of maps, charts, or similar items or photographs being part of the research report. These are included as part of scholarly authorship and all citations will reflect Mills style templates.

Additional Policies

There will be due diligence at making sure that all contracted work is completed within a timely manner and within budget. There is no guarantee that documents will be found or that there will be results from research, but all sources searched in addition to locations traveled to and efforts made will be contained within the research report. There are no refunds for nil results in matters of due diligence in research.