tennessee-gal's Genealogy Research Store


tennessee-gal's Store Policies


It is my desire to please each and every client. My fee structure is simple and straight forward. Communication with the client is most important to their needs being fulfilled.


Payments for fixed priced research are required up front and in full. Fixed price research is limited to a quick look up, acquiring and transmitting the document to the client. Hourly research requires a retainer upfront and the balance due on completion. Refunds are only issued after communication with the client and any problems with the research cannot be overcome. The refunds are on a case-by-case basis.


Reports will be delivered according to the client's ability to receive documents. I prefer all delivery to be processed electronically; however, I understand that there are a few clients who would feel more comfortable with other methods.

Additional Policies

My "door" is always open to communication with my clients-whether by phone or email.