The Genlighten Tour

We’ve designed Genlighten to make it quick and convenient for you to get the genealogical records you want with the help of our Lookup Providers. Here's a brief look at the steps you’ll go through and the features we offer.

First stop: the "My Genlighten" dashboard

The dashboard serves as your "home base" whenever you log in to the site. Here you can get a quick read on the status of your lookups and access the site’s key features -- all from one convenient location.

  • The Lookup Feed displays your activity stream, including provider status updates and document delivery notifications.
  • You can also arrange to receive alerts whenever new lookups are offered for your favorite localities.
  • The buttons on the right link you quickly to the features you'll use most often.

Select a Lookup and a Provider

Choose a locality relevant to your research, and you’ll see a list of the lookups we currently offer there. For each lookup you’ll see a brief description, the cost range, the provider's username and their rating.

  • Click on the provider's username to see their background, experience, and client feedback.
  • To get a more detailed description -- including document contents, delivery timeframe, and required data -- click on the "Get Details" button.
  • Not enough offerings yet? Don’t see the lookup you want? Submit a custom lookup request for our providers to quote on.

Enter your data and submit a lookup request

When you find a lookup you’d like to order, simply enter the data the provider requires into a brief form. Then click "Add to Cart" to begin the payment/checkout process.

  • If you need more info before ordering, try the "Ask the Provider a Question" feature.
  • You can pay for your order using your credit card or PayPal. You won't be charged until the lookup is completed.

Track the Provider’s progress

Has the provider received my request? Did I give her enough information? Has my document been uploaded yet? You can find the answers here. Click on "Detailed View" and you can also:

  • Exchange brief messages with the provider to clarify your request
  • Download your document(s) in digital form
  • Rate the provider and offer feedback on their performance.

Custom Lookup Requests

Do you need a specific lookup that we don’t offer yet? Submit a Custom Lookup Request and let interested providers come to you!

  • You define in detail the record search you'd like our providers to perform.
  • You set a target price you’re willing to pay, and a deadline by which you want to receive the record.
  • We alert our providers to your request. They review your requirements and submit quotes for your approval.
  • You review incoming quotes and accept the one that best meets your needs.
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