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Welcome to the New Genlighten.com!

We've rebuilt Genlighten from the ground up.

It's easier than ever to find the right researcher for your project. Just type a locality, specialty, or repository into the search box and follow the auto-suggest links. Our new project tracking page puts images, messages, reports and invoices all in one place and makes interacting with the provider a breeze. When your project's done, you can download all of your documents and images with a single click. And we've added lots more features you'll love. To see the new Genlighten in action, take the tour by clicking the button below.

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Genlighten users with existing projects can access them at our old site.

All of your previous data can be accessed at old.genlighten.com. Just click the button below to be taken there. Existing projects will remain available for export through the end of 2017. Contact our support team if you need help with the export process.

Ready to make the move to the new site? You'll need to update your password.

If you already have an account on the previous version of Genlighten, we've created a new one for you on the updated site. Since we don't know your old password, you'll need to reset it to use the new version. Just click "Sign In" below, then click the "Forgot password?" link.


Finding the Right Provider is Easier Than Ever

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Find a Researcher Faster with Less Clicks

Looking for a Chicago researcher? One who can perform naturalization research at the NARA facility? Just begin typing "Chicago" in the search box, either from the homepage or the top menu bar. Our autosuggest feature puts the best choices front and center. Highlight the one you want in blue and click. We'll take you directly to the right page. No more drilling down!


We Show You Where Our Researchers Can Go For You

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You Want Local Expertise. We've Got Local Experts.

Our Researcher Map Pages show you the providers we have in the locations you care about. We also list providers with remote access to records from your chosen locality or repository. Just click on the provider's username to access their full profile.


Richer Provider Profiles Let You Hire with Confidence

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Background, Reviews, References -- All in One Place

Our new and improved provider profile pages use a tabbed interface to let you quickly evaluate researchers' qualifications, experience, and expertise. We also show you feedback from clients, provider references, and responsiveness metrics. From the profile page, you can ask providers questions, explore research opportunities, and formally request a quote on a custom project.


Project Tracker Keeps You and the Provider on the Same Page

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The Project Page Delivers Research Results... and More!

Our streamlined project page puts all the project data you're looking for -- messages, quote, report, invoice, project timeline and uploaded images -- in one convenient location. It's easier than ever for you to download the files your provider delivers -- one by one, as a single Zip file, or direct to your Dropbox folder. You can even upload a happy-dance-inducing document to FamilySearch if you'd like.


Quickly See What's New and Needs Your Attention

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Your Dashboard Keeps You Up-To-Date

Did the provider accept your project request? Have they sent you a new message? Did they get your payment? What do you need to do next? Your dashboard shows you the answers. Whenever you sign in to Genlighten the dashboard will be your first stop. From here you're just one click away from your most recent projects and messages.